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The SEED Evaluator is the application tool used for pursuing SEED Certification and other opportunities. The SEED Evaluator consists of two parts. Submitting Part I, the Application, will initiate the first step towards SEED Certification. It is also the form used to apply for the annual SEED Award Competition, the SEED Field Guide Publication, and other opportunities (*note that these opportunities do not require the applicant to continue on to Part II of the SEED Evaluator). You may choose that your application be submitted to any or all of these opportunities ("SEED Application Type" is the first item on the Application form where you will be asked to check if you want to be considered for certification, the SEED Awards and/or the SEED Field Guide Publication). You do not need to submit your project for certification and can submit only for the competition and publication.

Submitting Part I- Application for review will be used by the SEED Awards jury, the Field Guide Editors or for SEED reviewers for certification depending upon what you select as your SEED Application Type (Part I, Question 1). If applying for certification, Part 1- Application will also provide an approval to proceed to Part II pending recommended changes or additional requested information. Should an application be denied, the applicant will be provided an opportunity to address cited concerns and reapply. Submitting Part II, the Evaluation, will initiate a formal and final certification review of the project by a third-party reviewer.

To initiate Certification, complete Part I of the Evaluator and submit digitally directly through the website. This phase will provide the project applicant(s) with preliminary feedback from trained SEED Reviewers who will assess whether the project furthers and does not violate the SEED Mission and Principles and is ready to proceed to Part II, the final evaluation and certification phase of the application. If the application is reviewed through Part I of the Evaluator and is not accepted the next phase, Part II, comments from the reviewers will be provided and the applicant will be encouraged to consider these and re-submit again.

To continue with application of a project proceed to the "Get Started" Button below.

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