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Application Overview

The SEED Evaluator is the web based application tool used for pursuing SEED Certification and other opportunities. The SEED Evaluator consists of three parts:

    Part 1 - Project Application
    Part 2 - Project Details
    Part 3 - Project Results

To initiate a SEED Evaluator application, complete Part 1 of the Evaluator. Once submitted, SEED Reviewers will assess whether or not the project proceeds to Part 2, based on its incorporation of SEED Principles. SEED Reviewers assess and provide feedback within 3 weeks of submittal.

The applicant will be notified of approval via email. Reviewer feedback will be noted in the text boxes within the Evaluator. Approval of Part 1 allows the applicant to proceed to Part 2. The conversation between the applicant and the reviewer continues through Parts 2 and 3.

If the application is not approved for the next phase, comments from the reviewers will be provided and the applicant will be encouraged to re-submit.

Multiple Opportunities

Submitting Part 1 will initiate the first step towards all opportunities, including SEED Certification, SEED Awards, LEED Social Equity Pilot Credits, Project Publication or just use as a step-by-step guide to undertake a project.

You may choose that your application be submitted to any or all of these opportunities. "SEED Application Type" is the first item on the Application form where you will be asked to check if you want to be considered for certification, the SEED Awards and/or the SEED Field Guide Publication.

For SEED Award and Publication: Part 1 only is required.
For LEED Social Equity Pilot Credits: Parts 1 and 2 are required.
For SEED Certification: Parts 1-3 required (Upon completion of Part 3, a formal and final certification review will be performed by experienced and trained third-party SEED Reviewers.)

Application Fees

Part 1: $100
Part 2: $100
Part 3: $100

Note: Requests for fee waivers can be submitted in the case of applicant being resource-challenged. To apply for fee waiver, contact

Should an application be denied, the applicant will be provided an opportunity to address cited concerns and reapply. In cases of denial, application fees are not returned. Additional application fee will not be required for a send application and review.

Get Started

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